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The Gluten Free on Bisma Story

We are the first 100% non-contaminated gluten free restaurant that is coeliac friendly in Southeast Asia. We serve a wide range of cuisines: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, and choices of meat and fish.

Our philosophy is to create and serve fresh, healthy and tasty meals in a relaxing and comfortable environment. 

Please enjoy a fantastic experience with us. If there are any problems, do let us know immediately so we can do our best to correct it. If you enjoy your dining experience with us, help people find us posting your review on our TripAdvisor.

Come join us and enjoy a one of a kind dining experience!

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From The Kitchen

We cook all our food with little or no salt, and we never use MSG.      If you prefer more salt in your food please tell our staff when you order.

Food must always be clean as well as tasty. All our employees are trained to our standards in food hygiene and handling procedures. We wash our salad, fresh fruits and vegetables in mineral water, so please enjoy your meal without worrying about whether it is clean and fresh.

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